Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley have one clear thesis: In the future, those who continuously learn will continue to lead. It sounds simple, and yet our systems of education and workforce management are based on the opposite principle of "learn then do". Students learn a profession, workers strive for experience, all to be applied to the next known step in the career ladder. But what happens when those steps aren't known? When everything is a first? When degrees and experience barely matter? To thrive in a future that is unfolding faster than we can imagine it, we must become adept at learning continuously. That's why we believe the Future of Work Is Learning.



Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley are sought-after thought leaders in the education and technology innovation sectors. Heather was recently named LinkedIn's 2017 Top Voice for Education globally. The two have been collaborating on the nature of work, culture, and innovation since 2015, and are frequently called upon to speak to and consult with leading companies, government agencies, and academic institutions on the Future of Work and Education worldwide. 

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McGowan and Shipley speak at conference and corporate events, including recent engagements at AMP Financial Services (Australia), OEB (Germany), LeadIn HR Service Group (China), TEDx Austin, Design Management Institute (USA), Industrial Design Society of America (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Google News (USA, Europe, South America), and The International Start Up Festival (Canada).

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A note about the header artwork: Chris Shipley is also a photographer whose work seeks to discover the beauty in decay. These images, from the collection Keel Studies: Copenhagen, find color, pattern, and texture in the keels of boats in dry dock. Just as these boats will be restored and set back to new purpose, so too will workers find opportunity to retool and re-frame their purpose to new opportunities in the future of work.