To Navigate the Future Of Work, We Need New Maps

Technology is accelerating the pace of business at unthinkable speed; so much so that the organization you lead now and the workforce you currently manage, is changing as quickly as you read this page. Our old ways of thinking simply will not get us very far as we drive increasingly faster into unfamiliar territory. Worse, our mental models are in many cases, stifling our ability to adapt to new ways of thinking.

The world is changing, quickly, and that velocity will make change even more difficult for many. Yet it is also a tremendous opportunity for those – like you - who are ready to lead the shift.  To thrive in this new world, business leaders need a new set of maps to navigate this new future. We can help you chart that course.



Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley are sought-after thought leaders in the education and technology innovation sectors. The two have been collaborating on the nature of work, culture, and innovation since 2015, and are frequently called upon to speak to and consult with leading companies, government agencies, and academic institutions on the Future of Work and Education worldwide. 

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McGowan and Shipley speak at conference and corporate events, including recent engagements at AMP Financial Services (Australia), LeadIn HR Service Group (China), TEDx Austin, Design Management Institute (USA), Industrial Design Society of America (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Google News (USA, Europe, South America), and The International Start Up Festival (Canada).

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